What is Health?

Health is not merely the absence of symptoms, but functioning at peak efficiency 100% of the time.

It is actually the harmonious union of physical, emotional, and well being.  The problem with a traditional medical approach to HEALTH is that medicine deals with sickness care or crisis care, and NOT wellness care or true health care.  The focus of traditional medicine is on germs and symptoms.  They believe in treating the symptoms and thus eliminating the patient's complaints.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Vol 284 in the July 2000 article written by Dr. Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, shows that medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in the US.  There are 225,000 deaths per year with the leading of these being non-error adverse reactions to medication accounting for 106,000 deaths.

Chiropractic treatment neither removes nor adds anything to the body.  It stimulates self-healing, the way our bodies were designed to overcome disease and stress.  Chiropractic identifies the cause of the problems and then eliminates it.  If the cause is addressed, then the symptoms can no longer occur.  Chiropractic produces results by maintaining proper functioning of your spine and nervous system while maintaining the philosophy "The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body".

Just as periodic dental checkups can help detect the early signs of tooth decay before painful symptoms appear, regular chiropractic care can help to identify and correct little problems before they become serious.