Our Mission Statement

To provide the families of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding communities, high quality and affordable diagnosis, treatment, and education in regard to their health and wellness concerns. We will provide this service with the love and compassion exemplified by the Lord, and to give and bring glory to God in all that we do.


Our intent is to change the perception of Chiropractic from a pain-relief/crisis-care treatment to being the foundation of True Health. We are here to help people understand the philosophical foundation of Chiropractic that "The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body". This way we can attain True Health by functioning at peak efficiency 100% of the time.

A balanced spine and strong nervous system are the foundation of optimal health, longevity, and wellness. We promise to provide quality service and professional care so that anyone can maximize the benefits realized from their chiropractic experience.


We are committed on providing a stimulating and caring environment for natural healing to occur. Our goal is to serve humanity through Chiropractic care and educate our community.


Our purpose at Wilson Chiropractic Health Center is to help as many people as we can through natural means of healing so that everyone can be healthy.